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Congratulations To Our 2021 EMA Spotlight of the Quarter!

Our EMA Spotlight of the Quarter is Dr. Vijak Ayasanonda!

Med School: Wayne State University School of Medicine
Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center
Residency: John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County - Residency

Dr. Vijak Ayasanonda first entered medicine because of his desire to help people. In college, he recalls going to see an OBGYN guest speaker who came in after a difficult call and spent the next hour telling them all to never to go into medicine: “At that point I wasn't turned off but inspired to be a doctor and vowed to never to be a miserable one!"

In the ER, Dr. Ayasanonda says he found his love in "shift work, close relationships with staff, a true 'bond' of being in the trenches, and a sense of honor and satisfaction to saving a life/making a terrible situation 'not so bad.'" EMA has offered amazing support and resources from all the directors as well as a second family in California, he says. At his first Director's Summit, "I figured I would be the smallest most unnoticed person in room, only to have so many people recognize both myself and Dr. Truong's presence. A bit unnerving and a bit embarrassing in a good way."

Now, Dr. Ayasanonda practices in Maui, Hawaii, and lives with his wife, Karri, in Kaanapali. They have 2 boxers (Khloe and Dexter) and 1 cat (Milo). Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, swimming, occasionally surfing, and being a self-taught handyman (thanks to being a homeowner). Now, in the pandemic, Dr. Ayasanonda values being able to "quarantine in paradise with the ability to see Hawaii for just Hawaii."

Dr. Vijak Ayasanonda

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