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Congratulations To Our 2021 EMA Provider Spotlight of the Quarter!

Our EMA Provider of the Quarter is James Winn, DO!

Med School: Western University of Health and Sciences
Residency: Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center in Los Angeles

Dr. James Winn joined Emergent Medical Associates while working at Chino Valley Medical Center in 1999. Joining Emergent Medical Associates has led him to a career that has fulfilled him with relative autonomy, intellectual challenges, social prestige, and, most importantly, the chance to make a difference in someone’s life, he says.

Dr. Winn attributes his involvement in EMA to Dr. Irv Edwards: "He is a visionary who understands exactly what it takes to develop a successful medical group. He also values loyalty from his doctors. Dr. Irv Edwards is known to keep every doctor who has worked for him for as long as they so desire to." Dr. Winn recalls his experience in 2009 when he was unable to work for more than a month due to an unexpected turn in his health. During this period of time, Dr. Edwards was a pillar of support and volunteered to arrange Dr. Winn’s medical care from his own physicians to personally ensure the quality of his care and assist with the financial stress. "Though, it could be argued that the most appealing aspect of Dr. Edwards is his status as a season ticket holder of the Lakers. Stick around him long enough, you might get lucky to get free tickets once in a while," Dr. Winn says.

Dr. Winn has been in the field for 31 years now, and outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Diem Winn, and four children.

James Winn, DO

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EMA, headquartered in El Segundo, CA, is a premier provider of physician staffing and practice management services for 25+ Emergency Departments and 2 Urgent Care Centers that treat almost 1M patients annually throughout California. EMA‘s comprehensive system of ED and UCC management is based on over 100 combined years of healthcare experience. Through its management company, Pacific HealthWorks, EMA exports best practices and innovative management techniques to Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and other Emergency Department groups, helping improve patient care and ensure contract security. EMA's proprietary techniques are patient-focused and targeted on improving the daily operations of ED’s and UCC’s.

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